Product Features

Easy to construct
Shipped ready for assembly
No heavy equipment is needed
Material is precut and predrilled
Uses corrosion resistant fasteners.
No warping of materials
Wiring channels are built into the shell
Minimal site cleanup
Does not required a skilled work force

The National Association of Home Builders estimates that for every $50 increase in the cost of
1000 board feet of framing the sales price of a typical new home increases by $1000, eliminating
378,000 people from homeownership and significantly impacting industry profit margins.
Thus, the NAHB has contacted 1000 of the nation's largest builders urging them to seek out
effective alternatives to wood framed houses

Fire resistant ( ASTM Class 1 rating)
Insect/Termite resistant
Earthquake resilient (100% rebound)
Impervious to water and mold damage
Tested against hurricane force winds without failure