Building Systems

Complete Building System

Base Plates and exterior wall system
Rake and eave plates
Trusses and/or rafters
Windows and exterior doors

For residential applications the building system is shipped to the site in a container with all of the
necessary components for assembly. A four-man crew equipped with screwdrivers can
erect the house in approximately 16 hours. Once the shell is in place and under roof, typical interior
and exterior finishing processes are applied to meet the aesthetic desires of the homeowner.

Building Systems

Wall System

pre-assembled frame pre-finished (EIFS)

In commercial applications the real selling point of the wall system
is the increase in usable floor space that is achieved-

3 lineal feet of wall adds 1 sq. foot of interior floors space.

Since commercial space is rented of leased on a per foot basis, the additional floor space
directly translates into additional income for the building owner.